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Humble Beginnings
Turtle Mountain, Inc. is a privately held natural foods company headquartered in Eugene, Oregon nestled in the lush Willamette Valley. The company began as a one-man operation by its founder and present CEO/President Mark Brawerman. As a consumer of healthy food alternatives Mark saw a growing need for products that tasted like their dairy counter parts but contained no dairy ingredients. Working on his own Mark began to develop a series of non-dairy recipes that ultimately served as a basis for the company’s focus on non-dairy frozen desserts. Through considerable trial and tribulation Turtle Mountain, Inc. was born.

Turning A Vision into Reality
From the onset Mark’s vision was to provide consumers with only the best tasting products that Mother Nature could provide. His dream was to build a business that would be recognized as a leader in non-dairy alternatives. Since 1990 Turtle Mountain has specialized in the creation and production of all natural non-dairy frozen desserts. In 1990 Turtle Mountain introduced Living Lightly™ pints, which was a soy based, rice syrup and fruit sweetened frozen dessert. As time passed Mark and his team of dedicated and enthusiastic Food Scientists continued to pursue creamier, tastier non-dairy treats. Over the past 14 years Turtle Mountain has launch a number of highly successful product lines each providing a unique and healthy alternative to comparable dairy desserts. From Sweet Nothings® pints (launched in 1992) to Organic Soy Delicious™ premium quarts (1998) and novelties (2000), to the recently launched of Purely Decadent Soy Delicious® super premium pints (2001) the Turtle Mountain team have developed the best products in the market place. The combined line of products makes Turtle Mountain the leading provider of non-dairy frozen desserts today. Mark’s vision has become reality.

More than Just Products
Although we are recognized first and foremost for our products we are perhaps most proud of our contribution to the environment. As a sponsor of the Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP) we provide much needed funds to help save the ever-shrinking habitats of sea turtles. Our dream is to one day hear that the populations of the many endangered species of sea turtles have stabilized and are on the rebound. Until then we will make every effort to help the people at STRP fight to save these wonderful creatures.

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