Press Release

08/06/04 - Snacks That Are Smart And “Cool”: L’il Buddies After School
Parents Take A Bite Out Of Nutritional Worries As Kids Enjoy Healthier Choices.L’il Buddies—Kid-Friendly Food

(EUGENE, Oregon) After-school snack time challenges parents to provide treats that are delicious, fun and sensible. Increasing numbers of children suffer from milk allergens and lactose intolerance. Warnings about cholesterol, saturated fats, and obesity caused by inferior sweetening agents alert all age groups to make more careful nutritional choices. Organic L’il Buddies™ are creamy, rich, satisfying, full-sized classic chocolate wafer “ice cream” sandwiches made with organic Soy Delicious™, America’s most popular organic non-dairy frozen dessert. L’il Buddies™ don’t contain the nutritional no-no’s found in conventional dairy and other non-dairy “ice cream” sandwich brands. A favorite with children and a worry-free choice for parents, L’il Buddies™ prove that treats don’t need dairy-- or its downside—to be delicious.

Four irresistible L’il Buddies™ flavors cover the bases for Little Leaguers of all ages: chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and mint. These grand slam flavors make kids cheer for more. Besides being the only organic non-dairy “ice cream” sandwich on the market, L’il Buddies™ have no cholesterol, no hydrogenated oils or saturated fats, no high fructose corn syrup, are lactose free and free of milk allergens, certified vegan, and kosher.

“From a nutritional standpoint, L’il Buddies™ are certainly superior to conventional dairy ice cream sandwich products, and children love their creamy texture and rich flavors,” says John V. Tucker, Vice President of Marketing at Turtle Mountain. “The sooner children eat healthier, the better their long term health will be. We designed L’il Buddies™ to help them learn the rewards of making healthier choices. The kids approve!”

While children don’t think about ingredients, parents and Turtle Mountain, makers of palate-pleasing, soy-based non-dairy frozen desserts for almost twenty years, do. L’il Buddies™ sandwiches bring the goodness of soy protein and fiber into the sn