Press Release

09/03 - Turtle Mountain – The “One Stop Shop” for all your non-dairy frozen dessert needs.

Turtle Mountain, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of several new products to it’s stable of hugely successful Soy Delicious™ and Sweet Nothings® product lines. Non-dairy frozen desserts continue their relentless double-digit growth in the natural foods as well as mainstream ice cream freezer. To maintain momentum and lead the way Turtle Mountain has developed a range of product introductions consisting of new exciting flavors, formulations and eye-catching packaging. Our complete line of Quarts, Pints and novelties make Turtle Mountain not only the market leader but also The One Stop Shop for all your non-dairy frozen dessert needs. Get ready for a great summer season with Soy Delicious™ and Sweet Nothings® because these latest creations are certain to keep non-dairy frozen desserts a “hot” category in 2003 and beyond!

Organic Soy Delicious™ Mint Mania Novelty

Organic Soy Delicious™ Mint Mania Chocolate Coated Sandwich
A rich and creamy mint flavored non-dairy dessert is sandwiched between two super chocolaty cookies and coated in a rich dark chocolate. Each novelty is a satisfying 3.7 Fl Oz.

Organic Soy Delicious™ Quarts

Cookies N’ Cream
A proven flavor in the ice cream freezer we have created a non-dairy version that is rich, flavorful and full of crème filled sandwich cookies. This one is destined to become a family tradition.

Butter Pecan
Another classic flavor goes non-dairy. Rich and creamy and loaded with pecans makes for a superb after dinner dessert or late night snack (shshsh we won’t tell anyone).

Dulce de Leche
One of the most exciting flavors to hit the dessert scene in more than 10 years Dulce de Leche is an outstanding addition to the line up. We’ve created a superb non-dairy caramel sauce and swirled it into America’s favorite non-dairy dessert. You’ll find this one hard to put down!

These delightful new products are made with organic ingredients and certified organic by Organic Certifiers, and kosher by Kehilla Kosher Supervision.


Healthy indulgence became a dessert reality when Purely Decadent Soy Delicious® super-premium non-dairy pints were launched in the summer of 2001. It created a whole new wave of “non-dairy converts”; people who love the indulgence of the ice cream experience but prefer to do without all the dairy fat, saturated fats, cholesterol and calories found in super-premium dairy ice creams. Today Purely Decadent Soy Delicious® remains the fastest growing frozen dessert in the freezer cabinet. To keep the momentum going Turtle Mountain has created six new flavors and updated the package to make the variety of flavors easier to differentiate.