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09/30/04 - Got Pain? Milk Hurts!! Try Turtle Mountain’s Non-dairy Desserts
Turtle Mountain’s Non-Dairy Ice Creams Calm Lactose-Intolerant Tummies And Make Taste Buds Happy. P.S.—A Non-Dairy Lifestyle Avoids Deadly Diseases

(EUGENE, Oregon) Unless you are a suckling calf, Milk Does A Body Bad. If you are lactose intolerant, you are not abnormal—quite the contrary! Most of the world's people (75% to 95%) are not biologically designed to digest milk. That is, three quarters of all people have difficulty digesting lactose, the sugar found in milk, and may experience bloating, stomach cramps, nausea and more after eating dairy products. A growing body of research shows even more negative health effects of milk including anemia, migraine, asthma, prostate cancer, diabetes, leukemia and a host of potentially fatal allergies and illnesses. The only "cure" for lactose intolerance is to remove dairy’s danger from your diet. Giving up dairy, however, does not mean giving up delicious desserts! Turtle Mountain, creator of Soy Delicious®, makes non-dairy ice cream desserts with the creamy texture and rich tastes dessert lovers crave. Turtle Mountain frees you from high fat dairy desserts containing fat, cholesterol and disease-causing additives. Try Turtle Mountain non-dairy frozen desserts and enjoy a truly indulgent eating experience without dairy’s danger and discomfort.

In “White Poison,” Shanti Rangwani, a doctor and columnist for the Times of India points out that US dairy farmers pump milk cows full of the controversial Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) that most countries ban. The increased annual yield (50,000 pounds of milk per cow today compared to 2,000 pounds in 1959) has a huge health cost. BGH can cause mastitis, or udder infection, and Rangwani goes on to report that, “BGH use results in a tumor-promoting chemical (IGF-I) that has been implicated in an explosive increase of cancer of the colon, smooth muscle, and breast.” He further explains that farmers use antibiotics to treat BGH-caused infections and the antibiotics appear in cows’ milk. This greatly hastens increased human tolerance to most antibiotics, “a potentially life-threatening state of affairs.”

The evidence against milk is mounting. But, Turtle Mountain comes to your rescue by providing great tasting products for you to enjoy, worry-free.

Hormone-ridden commercial milk is blamed for many health problems in kids by Former Chairman of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, Frank Oski, M.D. in his book, Don't Drink Your Milk. Sixty percent of ear infections in kids under six years of age are milk-induced, and milk consumption is the number one cause of iron-deficiency anemia in infants today according to the American Association of Pediatrics, as reported by Dr. Rangwani. Rangwani goes on further to quote the late Dr. Benjamin Spock, the U.S.'s leading authority on child care, who warned parents not to poison the baby boomers with milk, which he called “cow’s glue,” because its prote