Turtle Mountain’s mission is to provide healthy, yet indulgent dairy-free “ice cream” products as an alternative to traditional dairy ice creams. We are continuously seeking ways to create the best dairy-free alternatives to meet your needs – to, as we like to say, “make your life a little healthier a little sweeter.” To better understand how our products fit into your lifestyle we have compiled information on some important health topics with insights on the role Turtle Mountain products can play.

Our research led us to some excellent websites which provide additional information on healthy living and dietary guidelines. You will find many links on the specific health topics we cover. In addition to these topic specific links, we suggest you check out the following:

The USDA has recently instituted a program called “My Pyramid Plan” to help individuals choose the appropriate foods and amounts that are right for them to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

For more on the USDA Dietary Guidelines for 2005 visit:

We trust you will find all our health pages informative and useful as you seek to live a healthier, happier life and enjoy your just desserts along the way!

Be well!

From all your friends at Turtle Mountain