Carb Escapes

Low Glycemic – Diabetic Friendly – No Artificial Sweeteners

Enjoy a rich n’ creamy “ice cream” experience that has been clinically proven to be extremely low glycemic and diabetic friendly.*

Carb Escapes

The Ideal Treat For:

  • Diabetics seeking a low glycemic dessert
  • Those living a low net carb lifestyle
  • Those seeking to reduce their sugar intake
  • Those looking for a dairy-free, lactose free alternative.

Our all-natural diabetic friendly Carb Escapes™ pints and novelties are dairy free, lactose free, cholesterol free and demonstrate glycemic loads ranging from 1 to 2 per serving.* These delightful all-natural treats are made using only ingredients Mother Nature Created!

*Glycemic load values were established by the Glycemic Research Institute based on clinical studies evaluating the glycemic response of both diabetics and non-diabetics. The World Health Organization has established that foods with glycemic loads of less than 10 are considered low glycemic.

Purely Decadent