Low Net Carb Lifestyles - Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Low Fat Vs. Low Carb
Carb Escape Soft ServeWe have had a number of inquires asking whether a person is better off eating one of our low fat Soy Delicious™ products or our low net carb line Carb Escapes™. We believe both have tremendous appeal and which product you choose is a matter of personal preference and the lifestyle you have chosen. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. In the end, we believe a healthier lifestyle will lead to greater happiness. The key is finding a lifestyle that best suits your needs. As with most achievements success seldom comes without a little effort and sacrifice.

Diet vs. Lifestyle – An Important Lesson
If you live in North America chances are you have heard about the Low Carb Diet, the Low Fat Diet, the South Beach Diet and many others. If you are like many of us, the more you hear about a certain “diet” the more you think “aaah, it’s just another diet fad”. We’ve all seen diet fads come and go and many people expect that the “Low Carb Fad” will run its course and fade away like so many before it. Whether you are a low carb skeptic or diehard believer it is important to recognize the difference between diet (as we have come to associate the word) and lifestyle. Today when someone professes to be on a diet it is in most instances describing a short-term effort to lose weight or address some other health concern such as reducing cholesterol or lowering blood pressure. The problem is the positive results are usually as short lived as the effort itself. As individuals let the diet slip so do the positive affects associated with the effort. Lifestyle on the other hand is a true long-term change in one’s habits - i.e. a conscious commitment to eating healthier foods and being physically active through the remainder of one’s life. If you are reading this web page it is likely that you are contemplating a lifestyle change or have already made one that directly affects your health. Whether it is a short-term commitment to diet or a long-term commitment to live a healthier lifestyle is something you may or may not have considered. Regardless, it is something you need to be aware of when contemplating dietary changes as it will directly impact your success and in turn your long-term health and well-being.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Diet? - Try A Little Exercise
Yes, Low Net Carb is about our diet but it is also about living a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle encompasses a host of things; from the cars we drive, to clothes we wear, to the foods we eat, to the hobbies we enjoy, to the things we do to stay fit. Living a healthy lifestyle increases our chances of living longer and allows us to enjoy our lives more fully. Eating healthier foods is critical but that in itself won’t stop the tire from growing around our waists. It’s a simple fact that the best diet is one that combines healthy eating habits and exercise. By taking just 30 minutes a day to exercise our bodies we improve our over all sense of well-being many fold. The options are endless. The following is a partial list of the many activities you can do to enjoy healthier fuller life.