Nutritional Comparisons

Most food companies still refer to a product’s net carbs as opposed to the more valid comparison of glycemic index of glycemic load. The number of low net carb frozen desserts in the market place attests to this fact. Unlike most other low net carb frozen desserts Carb Escapes has been clinically proven to be low glycemic and diabetic friendly – the true basis for a low net carb lifestyle. However, we cannot compare our glycemic load to other products in the market because to our knowledge they have not completed such an analysis. One point however is very clear, the nutritional make up of these products varies widely. On average Carb Escapes™ is lower in net carbs, calories, total fat, saturated fat and unlike the dairy versions, Carb Escapes™ has zero cholesterol. We provide the following comparison for you to consider.

FUDGE BARS (Based On Single Bar Serving)
Average Low Carb Dairy 3.0 fl. oz. (56g) Carb Escapes 3 fl. oz. (59g)
    %DV     %DV