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It's Soy Delicious® Fruit Sweetened Pint Flavors
Almond Pecan
Almond and pecan pieces in a nutty non-diary frozen dessert base.
Awesome Chocolate
Silky smooth rich chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert.
Carob Peppermint
Cool peppermint and rich carob combined into a non-dairy frozen dessert base.
Chocolate Almond
Crisp almonds engulfed in smooth chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert base.
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Rich chocolate and peanut butter non-dairy frozen desserts swirled together.
Roasted coffee in a creamy fruit sweetened non-dairy dessert base.
Green Tea
A true to flavor green tea non-dairy frozen dessert.
Mango Raspberry
A fresh raspberry sauce swirled in a cool and creamy mango flavored non-dairy frozen dessert base.
Mexican Chocolate - Previously Black Leopard
Mild chocolate-coffee flavored ice cream with just the right hint of cinnamon.
Pistachio Almond
Roasted almonds blended in a rich pistachio flavored non-dairy frozen dessert base.
Fabulously fruity raspberry sauce swirled in a delightful non-dairy frozen desert base.
Tiger Chai
A rich and creamy Chai flavored non-dairy frozen dessert.
Creamy vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert.
Vanilla Fudge
A rich swirl of fudge sauce swirled in a creamy vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert base.

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