So Delicious Sandwiches

Low Fat — Dairy Free!

Get one of your favorite dairy free desserts in one of America's most popular novelties, the classic ice cream sandwich - a true favorite for all ages. These delicious treats are a superb dairy free snack anywhere – anytime. Click here for a downloadable pdf file of allergens by flavor.

Purely Decadent


Healthy Alternative
•Low Fat* •No Hydrogenated Oils
•Zero Trans Fats •Cholesterol Free
•Lactose Free •Certified Vegan
•Made with Organic Soymilk

Great Value
Our So Delicious Dairy Free Sandwich Six Pack not only tastes great it's a great value as well. Conveniently packed six three fluid ounce sandwiches per carton (6 - 3 Fl. Oz.) we offer 50% more product compared to comparably priced non-dairy frozen dessert sandwich multi-packs. Now you have a hip and healthy snack that you can share with everyone.

* Each So Delicious Dairy Free sandwich contains 3 grams of fat or less with the exception of our scrumptious Peanut Butter flavor. Sorry but we just had to add organic peanut butter. One bite and we are sure you’ll forgive us.


Purely Decadent

All Natural So Delicious Sandwiches

Minis Vanilla(NEW!)
Minis Chocolate(NEW!)
Minis Neapolitan(NEW!)

Organic So Delicious Sandwiches