We receive quite a few letters and e-mails, which share the joy and yes, sometimes the frustration associated with consuming our products. Although we enjoy them all, every once in a while we receive an e-mail or letter from a customer, which touches a special cord. So much so, we feel it is worthy of sharing with everyone. Below is a collection of some of the more interesting comments, which we have received over the past year. We hope you find them as provocative, enjoyable and enlightening as we have.

If you have a few thoughts you wish to share with us please send us an e-mail, or if you prefer the more personalized touch, write us a letter. You have our pledge to answer all e-mails and letters no matter how good, bad or indifferent they might be. From time to time we may post it on our site to share with everyone - provided we have your written permission. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dear Turtle Mountain,

I discovered your company through the care2care website while I was clicking  to save animals. I wrote down your name and found Soy Delicious that week in the local Shoprite freezer section. The vanilla and chocolate were incredible. I have been hooked on your frozen desserts ever since. Since then, the chocolate obsession blew my mind, the cookie avalanche was exquisite...and ALL the other flavors were great, too.

But NOTHING, NOTHING I have tasted in the past 18 years can compare with the  delicious flavor i have just discovered in your Mocha Almond Fudge. It is better than sex! I am going to a vegetarian potluck tonight. I am bringing 5 pints of your Mocha Almond Fudge. I am about to create about 30 new addicts.We have to set up a Betty Ford Clinic for this stuff. It is SO GOOD! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such delicious products! (you're probably secretly in league with weight watchers, aren't you?)

Your fan,
Karel Bott
Plainview, Long Island, NY

Wow! Your customer service and public relations arm of your company is
obviously just as outstanding and excellent as the products themselves.

I have been a Soy Delicious patron for well over a year, switching from your competition, Rice Dream. I was looking for a product that was soy based, not too sweet, had great texture, and an outrageously wonderful taste. And I found it with Soy Delicious!

I've recently started a workout program and will be needing to cut back on carbs and so forth. So, hugging my SD container last night, I went on line to take a gander at your web site and found your fruit sweetened line! Well, naturally, today, after coming back from the gym, why I just had to go check out your product first hand for myself. I brought home your Green Tea and your Pistachio/Almond.

Sometimes, print just doesn't quite capture the ecstasy I experienced when a spoon full of each flavor touched my tongue. (However, do try to imagine an insane woman jumping for joy and screaming to the top of her lungs in the middle of her kitchen, spoon in hand, while your containers were running from all the commotion.) Yes - another satisfied customer - again!!!!!

Now, I'm looking forward to dieting because I won't be giving up anything I adore having!

Oh, and, by-the-way: Anytime you need an outside taste tester - just toss me a coupon and I'll gladly oblige.

Your loyal customer,
R. Taucher
Los Angeles, CA


I just want to thank you for your wonderful products! I have tried your ice cream before and loved it, but for the first time our supermarket offered your Li'l Buddies and I love them! I can't get enough of them!

Since I can't have dairy products and I LOVE ice cream, your products have made me VERY happy! In fact, I've given them to the rest of the family (dairy is no problem for them) and they loved them too...in fact they couldn't tell the difference between your ice cream sandwiches and "real" ones.

Thank you so much for making your products...they have made my life wonderful!

Debbie Bizon

Dear Turtle Mountain,

I have been a fan of the standard Soy Delicious 'ice cream' for quite a while now. Allergy to milk protein has controlled my diet my entire life, so I was elated to find your product. It is truly superior to any ice cream replacement out there (and believe me, I've tried everything). Recently, I discovered Purely Decadent by Soy Delicious. Words cannot describe how good it tastes and how similar it is to premium dairy ice creams. The people in charge of flavor creation are to be commended for their extreme ingenuity. The paragraph on your website describes Purely Decadent to a T. Please don't ever cut down on the amount of goodies in these small, but satisfying containers! I buy multiple pints at a time because I can't resist. Even those who have always snubbed my dairy-free food selections are convinced to eat this dessert...and like it!

Also, this may sound strange, but I always regretted that I could not attempt to get over a guy by just burying myself in a carton of ice cream, like all the other girls do. My discovery of Purely Decadent came just in time, making Swinging Anna Banana my best friend through my recent breakup. It is quite possibly the only reason I have kept my sanity! It may not seem like a big deal, but after living a dairy-free life for so long, your product has literally changed my life in more ways than one. Thank you for providing such an amazing comfort food. The person who wrote that your product belongs in all supermarket freezers is absolutely right. Widen your distribution and keep the flavors coming!!!

Alyssa in Chicago, IL

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